Of course, we can assume the creation of your bar card – let us know about your ideas.



The cost of transport can be found in the cost report.

For events planned to end after midnight and more than 100 km away from Graz, rooms close to the event location have to be provided for the entire Bar Society staff.


For the entire Barware and glasses, Barequipment, ice cubes, crushed ice, straws,Under liners, napkins, etc. - we charge a flat rate of €, - per guest.At sales meetings, we charge a total fee of € --Upon request we will be pleased to provide you with a lounge and seating facilities.Of course, do not hesitate to ask on the following:

  • Finger food
  • Bar Stool
  • Bistro tables and bistro chairs
  • Palm trees
  • Fixed or nickname Tents
  • Music and sound systems
  • Lighting
  • Live Music
  • Presentation Desks
  • Stages
  • LED Screens

Please let us know about your ideas and wishes.